About Ruth

ruth-frontpageThrough her understanding of personal crisis, Ruth Moen is able to empathize with her clients who are facing their own suffering, due to no fault of their own. She is able to find common ground with clients from all backgrounds because of her own life experiences.

Ruth has an abundance of energy and her laugh is contagious. While she has been able to negotiate thousands of cases and provide her clients with the best possible outcomes for their claims, she prides herself on not wearing a suit to work every day. Ruth likes to connect with her clients without the stigma that surrounds the typical lawyer. She likes to connect with her clients on a level that makes her clients feel comfortable and welcomed.

In her free time, she paints. She creates pictures frames, furniture, rugs, stunning serving bowls/trays & unique “one of a kind objects” in colorful primal designs. Ruth has added her distinctive style with paintings of her world travel & experiences.