Success Story: Ruth Helps Client Recover from Accident

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I recently settled a hit and run road rage case. This is something I routinely see happening now. In this case my client was traveling to work in the early morning hours on I-405. His vehicle was side swiped by another vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed. The driver that hit my client fled the scene without stopping. The impact at 55 mph. caused my client to lose control and cross the right shoulder of the freeway colliding into the concrete barrier. My client had serious injuries from this accident.

Since the car that caused this accident fled the scene, my client had to file a claim under his own insurance policy. He filed a claim under his Under Insured Motorist benefits, a very important benefit to include in purchasing an insurance policy, as there are numerous uninsured motorists on the road this day and age.

My client’s insurance paid $10,000 of bills and no more. In six months time my client accumulated $17,000 of therapy and chiropractic bills. His insurance company offered him $10,000 more to settle this claim. Even though he was still experiencing pain from his injuries, he almost accepted the offer. I convinced him that settling at this point would be a huge mistake and hardship on him and that he needed to see a back specialist. Thankfully, he did just that and was told by the specialist exactly what I suspected, he needed back surgery.

Ultimately, we settled his claim for $260,000, the maximum available under his policy.

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