Q&A With Ruth: What happens if I have no car insurance or medical insurance and I am injured in an auto accident?

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Q.  What happens if I have no car insurance or medical insurance and I am injured in an auto accident? What can I do?

A.  The easiest answer is to get chiropractic care as a chiropractor will wait to be paid and will put a lien on the case. But this can also be a very expensive remedy. I have seen people have $10,000 in chiropractic bills within 2-3 months.  Depending on the facts of the accident, insurance companies do not usually pay enough to cover the bills and attorney fees. Basically, you are the one that loses.

I always recommend going to Harborview Medical Center or Valley Medical Center. Both of these medical facilities are set up to treat people who do not have insurance. You will be able to receive evaluations & treatment that is more persuasive to the insurance company as to your loss.

Q. What if you are using your own car & using it to do work and you are in an accident?

A. This can be a very tricky situation. Many policies have exclusion clauses clarifying if you are using your own car for work your private insurance may not apply. Before you use your car for any kind of work, be sure to have a conversation with your insurance carrier about your insurance coverage.

Q. Should I go to physical therapy or to a chiropractor?

A. These are two different kinds of modalities. Physical Therapy is a treatment that is used to strengthen the muscles and bring relief to the body over a period of time. Chiropractic care is a release of energy which gives immediate relief. However, this relief is usually not permanent and you will have to continuously return for more chiropractic treatment. A good program is a combination of physical therapy, massage, and chiropractic care. This treatment will need to be monitored by a medical doctor.

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