More About Washington State’s Worker’s Compensation system

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Washington state’s Worker’s Compensation System is run by the state department of Labor and Industries. It covered 2.69 million workers spread across 174,000 employers in 2015. Like other Worker’s Compensation insurance, it is “no fault” which means it pays eligible claims no matter who is at fault. It covers most workers in the state, with the exception of 351 employers with almost 900,000 employers who are eligible to be self insured.

The state run plan gets more than 100,000 claims a year. One of every six paid claims is a back related injury from overexertion or repetitive motion. LNI also pays a pension to families of victims of fatal accidents.  On the job fatalities include a transportation accident, being struck by or caught in objects; falls, slips, and trips and assaults and violent acts.

Washington’s Worker’s Compensation System pays approved medical, hospital and related services due to workplace injuries and compensation for those who are temporarily unable to work full-time. Employers must provide coverage for their employees. In return, employers normally cannot be sued for damages when a work-related injury or illness occurs. Though, sometimes victims in workplace incidents need help navigating the Worker’s Compensation system.

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