Protest a Department of Labor & Industries Decision on Your Claim

YOU MUST RESPOND WITHIN 60-DAYS ! Please note that if you DO NOT protest or appeal the decision within 60-days of the original decision, the department’s decision is final. This means you may not protest or appeal the decision at a later date. If you do not protest the claim on your own, you should immediately […]


WHAT TO DO IF YOU ARE IN A CAR ACCIDENT Getting into a car accident can be overwhelming with fear, anxiety, and all other sorts of emotions unraveling at the same time, not to mention the possible injuries you may have as a result of the accident.    That is why it is a good idea […]

Your NEW Medicare card will be arriving soon

Just a reminder to you that MEDICARE will be issuing new MEDICARE cards to everyone. The new cards will have a new unique identifying number on them rather than your Social Security Number. Look for the new card in your mailbox starting in March of 2018.


Effective September 5th, our offices will be located at 403 SW 41st St, Renton, WA   98057-4926. We will be located in the “South Lind Square” office park located across the street from the IKEA store in Renton. Our CONTACT information remains the same: Phone:   425-227-4260 Fax:   425-227-5140 Email:  

Workers Compensation Benefits Rise by 2.6%

In order to keep up with inflation, Washington’s Department of Labor and Industries increases worker’s compensation benefits once per year, on July 1. This year, the increase was 2.6% as Washington’s average annual wage grew in 2015 to $56,273. State law requires that benefits be adjusted each year to reflect the change in the state’s average wage […]

Finding our way…

I have always been taught that if I can get my little self out of the way and open to the LOVE which is greater than all of us, the LOVE inspires, illuminates, and designates the way.

Finding a Solution

Regardless of the situation we may find ourselves in, we can take a moment, sit very still, quiet the mind, and appreciate one self.   This process opens the mind to receive the light/love that is trying to pour in, which can lead us to a solution.

Success Story: Ruth Helps Client Recover from Accident

I recently settled a hit and run road rage case. This is something I routinely see happening now. In this case my client was traveling to work in the early morning hours on I-405. His vehicle was side swiped by another vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed. The driver that hit my client fled the scene […]